Do you have a brand that you'd like to use on your party bags? 



Customised party bags are a great way to offer a premium party bag and promote your brand identity:

- A complete unique design with your logo, colours and patterns. 
- Encourage repeat business with existing customers. 
- Attract new customers by word of mouth. 
- Offer an exclusive party bag filled with premium product. 

 Bespoke Party BagBespoke Party BagBespoke Party Bag

If you have a business that hosts children's birthday parties and would like to find out more, please make an appointment and we'll come and see you. One of our team will visit you at your business, discuss the various options including product, design and price - to finalise a customised party bag or a package of themed bags if preferred.

There are no obligations to make a purchase, we just hope that you will. Please contact us to arrange your free consultation.